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        1. EMV card and payment portfolio - New options and form factors

          ???????????????????????EMV card??
          ?Digital payment technology comes in many shapes?. You'll find them all at Gemalto.

          With EMV as the underlying technology, we now supply a complete range of form factors to accommodate your specific constraints and business requirements, as an issuer of payment tools.

          Discover :


          In the spotlight?: more on EMV cards, contactless and innovative plastics

          EMV Biometric cards

          EMV card with fingerprint biometrics?

          Learn more

          Contactless form factors

          Introducing innovative contactless form factors

          Contactless form factors

          ? ??

          Card Features?????

          Innovative plastics - EMV cards can be cool

          Plastics & Artworks?

          A world going mobile

          ????Bringing value to EMV payments on mobile?

          Mobile payments?



          • Posted on Sep 12, 2019

            EMV Tokenization: Digital wallet technology enters the ecommerce space

            EMV Tokenization, the technology fueling the fast growth of digital wallets, is now set to shake up how consumers pay for goods online.

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          • Posted on May 02, 2019

            Cash and Digital Payments will co-exist to drive financial inclusion

            This blog discusses how digital payments can drive greater financial inclusion and help reduce poverty.

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          • Posted on Dec 19, 2018

            Contactless Biometric Payment Cards arrive in Italy

            The first contactless biometric card to be deployed by Mastercard has launched with Intesa SanPaolo, provided by Gemalto.

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