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          • Gemalto on nyt osa Thales-konsernia, lue lis??.

          Gemalto on nyt osa Thales-konsernia

          Lis?tietoa yrityskaupasta ja uuden sukupolven digitaalisen turvallisuuden visiosta.

          Lue lis??

          The Digital Identity Revolution

          From eID to Mobile ID

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          Definition & benefits of a 5G SIM for 5G virtualized networks

          Understanding what a 5G SIM is and its benefits

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          The Review magazine

          #Identity: Proving who you are in the digital world

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          Gemalton avulla organisaatiot voivat tarjota luotettavia ja helppok?ytt?isi? digitaalisia palveluita miljardeille ihmisille.

          Katso, miten Gemalto voi auttaa sinua:


          • Posted on Sep 12, 2019

            EMV Tokenization: Digital wallet technology enters the ecommerce space

            EMV Tokenization, the technology fueling the fast growth of digital wallets, is now set to shake up how consumers pay for goods online.

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